About Us

The Association of car manufacturers and their authorized representatives for Bulgaria (ACM) is an association of Bulgarian legal entities, which have been authorized by manufacturers to import and distribute motor vehicles on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is a non-profit association, established to work for the benefit of its members.

The ACM performs its activities for the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Establishment of up-to-date conditions for the development of motor vehicles market in Bulgaria, and for all activities and factors, on which the use of motor vehicles depends, while also achieving the maximum environmental effect;
  • Creating the conditions for observing the principles of fair trading by the importers of motor vehicles in Bulgaria, and by their distributors in the country;
  • Chanelling to the relevant competent bodies all proposals related to the activities of the members of the association, which have been discussed at the meetings, and approved by the Managing Board.

The ACM is a member of The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers OICA since 1997.

The ACM is the organizer of Sofia Motor Show, which is on the OICA calendar since 1999 for each odd year. Sofia Motor Show 2005 was the 4th international motor show on the OICA calendar.

The ACM is a member of The European Automobile Manufacturers Association ACEA since 2005.

The ACM is a member of The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry / BCCI / since 2006.

The ACM is a member of The Confederation of the Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria / CEIBG / since 2006.